Top Ways to Help a Grieved Friend

You might come across who are tremendously depressed might be due to any reasons like loss of a family member, broken relationships, etc. You might be thinking to help that grieved friend, but you are not at all sure about the ways of helping that friend.

At this point, you can refer to the books on grief to know about the ways of helping a grieved individual. With the help of the book, you can gain a lot of confidence while you are helping.

Reach Out to the Friend More Often

  • You should make it a point to reach out to your grieved friend frequently.
  • This makes them feel that you care and you are on their side no matter what happens.

Never Ask Them How They are

  • You should strictly avoid throwing these words at the person who is experiencing grief.
  • Asking how they are might create a feeling in the grieved person that you are teasing them and not for helping them to overcome the grief. (more…)