Intravenous medication delivery is now easier than before

Before you get into this article, please note that the information, you are going to read, is solely meant for healthcare professionals. Medfusion 3500 is a useful medical instrument that is used to enter medicines, nutrients, and fluids.

With the help of this tool, it is easier to infuse anything into a person’s circulatory system. Without this medical device or an external infusion pump, the delivery of fluids in a controlled manner is not possible. Medfusion 3500 is these days, widely being used to infuse liquid form medicines into a patient’s body.

The product has become an essential part of administration sets and infusion systems in most hospitals worldwide. Though it also used epidural, subcutaneous, and arterial, the main use of Medfusion 3500 is intravenous.

The benefits of using an infusion pump

The best part of the product is that it has been adopted for a wide range of environments, and therefore, it is applicable to so many purposes down to infusions pumps found in many different types.

The manufacturing companies that supply these kinds of medical equipment mostly cover infusion pumps, administration sets, and infusions systems, offering a variety of other products like the stated ones.

The insertion of medicinal fluids can be highly expensive if nursing staff performs it manually, at the same time; a manual process is not reliable apart from being impractically expensive. Apart from the above-stated uses of Medfusion 3500, an infusion pump is capable of infusing pain relievers, antibiotics, insulin drugs, chemotherapy medicines, and different kinds of hormones.

The benefits of using an infusion pump are so many, for instance, the smallest amount of 0.1 per hour injections can be administered, which is not possible in a manual process. A pump might differ from the other according to how they are designed, for instance; a pump might be designed for stationary use.

In simple words, there are two main types of infusions pumps, ambulatory infusion pumps, and stationary infusion pumps. Aforementioned type of pumps is meant to be wearable or portable. Only a licensed practitioner or a physician can advise Medfusion 3500. The device instructions should be carefully read by the attendant as well.